Have a closer look into Poland’s growing craft beer scene, and taste some delicious craft beers from Polish microbreweries in Krakow, Wroclaw and Warsaw.


THE basıcs OF THE delıcıous poland craft beer tour

Price: PLN 150 (EUR 35) per person
 Starting Time: 5 pm / every day

                                                            Minumum Participants: 2    -     Maximum Participants: 10                                                              Private Tour option available

Krakow Craft Beer Tour


Craft beer is hip, it is cool, but it is also real, cherished, and phenomenally exciting for many people. In Poland, many can’t get enough. But just like everywhere else, you can find “craft beer” joints and you can find real places with real people who care about brewing real beer. You just need a local to show you where the genuine locales are to be found.

Travel the streets of Poland in search of the best craft beer pubs. Of course, you won’t have to search very hard because we have already picked out 3 top spots and some excellent beers to try in each location. But you can still feel like an adventurer as you soak up the atmosphere and culture of Poland’s streets and pubs on this 3-hour guided tour.

Craft beer geek? Perfect! We’ll be tasting unique beers brewed in small batches, and we will discuss what makes each special. Don’t know the first thing about craft beer? You’ll love this tour too! Throughout the tour, your guide will tell you about different types of beer and how they are brewed. 

We are going to sample a lot of delicious beer on this tour, but the goal is not to get drunk and this isn’t a pub crawl. This experience is all about the tastes, smells, and stories of beer. We will provide some light snacks, and we will relax and have a nice chat in each location. 
Come along with us for an experience that occupies all your senses. Engage your taste buds, your brain, and your soul on this 3-hour walking, talking, and tasting tour where we will have the amazing opportunity to try 10 different expertly crafted beers.


Krakow and Warsaw Craft Beer Tour
Krakow and Warsaw Craft Beer Tour
Krakow and Warsaw Craft Beer Tour
Krakow and Warsaw Craft Beer Tour
Krakow and Warsaw Craft Beer Tour


  • Guide – You will have a guide who is passionate about craft beer and knowledgeable about different styles of beer, the brewing process, and the culture of beer drinking in Poland.
  • Pubs – We will visit 3 different pubs that serve Polish craft beer. You’ll discover hidden gems that you might never find on your own.
  • Beer – Our degustation will consist of 10 different craft beers, and we try to save the best for last!
  • Food – You will be served light snacks (cheese, ham, etc.) that pair well with the beer.
  • Tips and Advice – Your guide will give you some personalized recommendations for how to enjoy the rest of your stay. We’ll tell you about some more great local spots to visit for food, entertainment, and sightseeing.
  • Summary – Each guest will get a  summary of the tour to help you remember the places we have visited and the beers we have tried.




  • The craft beer tour is run in Krakow, Wroclaw and Warsawa.
  • We run private tours for smaller or larger groups. Just contact us to explain your needs, and we will do our very best to work with you.
  • The tour lasts app. 3 hour
  • This is not a pub crawl. Our focus is on the quality of the beer, not the quantity.
  • If you have food allergies, we need to know. Please tell us about any allergies ahead of time.
  • All places visited during the tour are in waking distance. The walking will be very manageable for most people. If you have mobility issues or are otherwise concerned about the walk, please talk to us about it ahead of time.
  • When booking the tour, please make sure that your email address and phone number are correct. We need to be able to get in touch with you!

        (For general questions, please see our FAQ)





In front of Old Synagogue (Stara Synagogain Kazimierz district.

Address: Szeroka 24



In front of Mc Donald's in Old Town

Address: Rynek 30