Join our Warsaw Food Tour, skip tourist traps and experience authentic traditional Polish food and local tastes in Warsaw like a local!



Price: 67 USD / 59 EUR / 55 GBP / 250 PLN (per person)

                                                            Minimum Participants: 1    -     Maximum Participants: 12                                                          Private Tour option available

 Starting Time: 5 pm / every day - (1 pm / only weekends)

Duration: 3.5 hours

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When traveling, tasting the local cuisine is a vital part of getting to know the local culture. Deciding which places to chose, however, can be a daunting task. Sure, there are plenty of reviews online, but the choices can seem endless and your time is limited. Especially in a big, vast city like Warsaw, you want to be sure you’re avoiding tourist traps and getting an authentic taste of Polish cuisine. So why not join us on our food and culture tour? Not only will you get a chance to eat authentic Polish dishes, but you’ll also learn about the traditions and history of the places you go and the food you eat. When you take our food tour, we’ll show you around the Śródmieście neighborhood, where mostly locals hang out so that you’ll get to experience Polish food and culture like the locals do. On this 3.5-hour walking, eating, and drinking tour we’ll take you to 5-6 local eateries where you’ll have a chance to sample 12-14 different foods, Polish craft beer and vodka, and a delectable dessert. This is definitely not a tour to start on a full stomach! It can easily substitute for a meal. Come with an empty belly and an open mind. We’ll show you where to eat and what to try to really experience the culinary treasures of Poland.

We keep our tours small, guaranteeing you a personal experience. Our guides will share their knowledge as we walk and talk and you’ll have the opportunity to ask your guide any questions you might have about the food, culture, or history. We can’t wait to share our favorite foods with you!

Please arrive hungry. There is no need for lunch before or dinner after this tour!


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  • Guide – Each tour is led by a friendly guide, and we are eager to share some of the stories we learned at the feet of our parents and grandparents. We’re passionate and knowledgeable about food and food culture.

  • Restaurants – We will visit 5-6 different establishments, and will have a chance to reflect on the atmosphere of each. You’ll be able to experience places where mostly locals hang out.

  • Food – You will get to taste 12 to 14 different food items, and there will be dessert. That’s a lot of food – more than enough for lunch or dinner – so come hungry. Unless you have a superhuman appetite, you will be full by the end.

  • Beverage – You will be served water and soft drink. Of course, we will also taste some Polish craft beer and enjoy Polish vodka.

  • Tips and Advice – Your guide will give you our foodie map, cookbook and some personalized recommendations for how to enjoy the rest of your stay. We will tell you about some more great local spots to visit for food, entertainment, and sightseeing.

  • Summary – Each guest will get a summary of the tour to help you remember the places we have visited and the foods we have tried.



  • We offer the tour in English. Tour in different languages available on request.

  • The tour lasts app. 3h 30 min.

  • We run private tours for smaller or larger groups. Just contact us to explain your needs, and we will do our very best to work with you.

  • We can accommodate more than a group of 12 people on our tour. Please contact us if your group is larger than 10 people.

  • If you have food allergies, we need to know. Please tell us about any allergies ahead of time.

  • All places visited during the tour are within walking distance. The walking will be very manageable for most people. If you have mobility issues or are otherwise concerned about the walk, please talk to us about it ahead of time.

  • When booking the tour, please make sure that your email address and phone number are correct. We need to be able to get in touch with you!

  • Our food tour is scheduled during the afternoon (1 pm) and evening (5 pm). Please let us know which option suits you better.

  • Payment should be done online.

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