Miejscówka- Snowboard Rental Shop with Craft Beer

Miejscówka is a multitap pub in Podgórze near Kładka Bernatka in Krakow, just on the other side of Kazimierz. Miejscowka used to serve regular beers before transforming into multitap bar, which has been a good move and probably it attracted more customers. So far it'is a first good craft beer pub on this river's side. Miejscówka cooperates with microbrewery Trzech Kumpli and most of the beers in pub come from there. Trzech Kumpli is a small contract brewery from Tarnów. On my last visit in Miejscówka I had a chance to try Misty- Contemporary IPA from Trzech Kumpli and probably it will be my favorite IPA this Summer! However beer's offer in Miejscówka is quite broad and you may find there also some good crafts from other breweries like Podgórz, Piwojad, Piwne Podziemie.
What makes this pub a great “Miejscówka” (in Polish- a cool place to hang out in) besides good Polish craft beer, is a great front garden and beautiful river view.


                                                                       Photo: Miejscówka

                                                                       Photo: Miejscówka

Miejscówka has also daily offers, for example on Thursdays some of the craft beers on taps have 50% discount (only from Trzech Kumpli brewery) starting at 6 pm till the kegs are finished.

It's not only the place where you can try the great beer, delicious sandwiches and drink good coffee, but also a snowboard’s rental shop. It's a perfect place for snowboard's fans- check the photos, the interior designs is impressive.


Miejsowka is becoming one of our favorite place to stop by and have a glass of good Polish beer. If you want to get out of Kazimierz and Main Square for a while and chill out and enjoying the sun, Miejscówka is a perfect choice.

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Kraków 30-529