The Art Restaurant and Cafe: The Unique Restaurant that Offers The Old Taste of Wroclaw

When you walk around Wrocław, you see plenty different restaurants and cafes. The culinary scene in Wrocław is rich and variety. However within the offer of Wroclaw's restaurants is hard to find the one that serves authentic Wroclawian cuisine. Maybe regional cuisine of Wrocław does not exist? Nothing could be more wrong!


Although the taste of Old Wrocław is almost forgotten, there are still few restaurants that maintain the memory of its traditional cuisine. One of them is The Art Restaurant and Cafe located on Kiełbaśnicza street. The restaurant offers the original delicacies and tastes of Wroclaw from the past ages. The cuisine of Old Wrocław is as rich as its history- it's a mixture of numerous culinary traditions, different cuisines and influences.
Chefs in Art restaurant use regional and seasonal products, that's why their menu often changes as it is prepared seasonally. Their menu has been influenced by the Italian recipes and traditional Polish cuisine. Sound interesting and exciting, isn’t it?

Also The dishes inspired by Wroclawian cuisine are always marked within the letter „W”. For example in their actual offer you may find the original dumplings with crayfish tails in a Wrocław manner with thyme sauce or spelt soup with poultry meatballs.

The Art Hotel restaurant is located near Old Town,  in a beautiful 16th century tenant house. You can easily make a booking if you want to indulge yourself with their a delicious food as well as a great atmosphere.

 As the food scene is developing day by day in Wroclaw we can easily say that Art Hotel has the one of the kitchen that has to be followed and experienced. Art restaurant is also a member of the prestigious network "The Culinary Heritage of Lower Silesia" and promotes regional cuisine of Lower Silesia.


If you are looking for something unique, you should definitely take into consideration having a dinner at The Art Restaurant and Cafe.

The Art Restaurant and Cafe

 20 Kiełbaśnicza Street, 50-110 Wroclaw

Phone +48 71 78 100

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